As an Owner's Representative, Soundview Construction Advisors is separate from, and distinct from, a Construction Manager (CM) or General Contractor (GC). Whereas a CM or GC is contractually bound to direct and hold responsibility for the construction portion of a project, SCA's purview is the entire project, which includes additional, critical project components required to lead the Owner to the critical builder bidding/award process and through the project to move-in. Our service is a complement to the services of the Builder.

Our overarching goal is to provide the Owner with an even playing field throughout the process so that a collaborative Team can be assembled; from designer selection to builder selection to construction and close-out. Our supporting tasks to achieve this include the following:

Project Planning

Design and Engineering Pre-Construction Construction Furnishings/Decorating Post-Construction Close Out

Our extensive project management experience has yielded years of project data that assist us in developing a proactive approach to managing and controlling costs during the design, engineering and construction project stages. Owners who have retained our services found that with our approach, they could anticipate problems and if they could not pre-empt them, were able to minimize their impact on project finance and schedule.