Soundview Construction Advisors helped us enormously in the planning and construction of our house and related structures starting over a decade ago. Their organization, attention to detail and follow-through with all project participants (including us) played a big part in the successful completion of a complicated building program. This was especially valuable given our otherwise busy lives. They have always put our interests first, and continue to help us to this day as we consider changes and handle maintenance to the house and property. I highly recommend them to anybody undertaking a construction project as they put you on a more equal footing with the contractor and other project contributors. They also directed and advised us in navigating the myriad project decisions in an efficient and cost effective manner. In the end, we saved many times more money than they cost us, and the reduced aggravation was a wonderful added bonus.

- Jay Walker

   You are a blessing to any homeowner together enough to find his or her way to your door. We could not have pulled our house into its improved condition without your guidance. Many, many, thanks.

- Carolyn Salzman

   Having worked with Soundview Construction Advisors on two major commercial projects, I knew that attempting to build our home without them would be like taking lambs to the slaughter. Marc Laibe, our project lead, brought a high level of design and construction expertise coupled with business discipline and methodology to our project and ensured that each element came together as it should. Thanks in large part to SCA's rigorous involvement, our project was completed ahead of schedule and came in under budget. And, just as important to us, their involvement enabled us to love the process and experience of building our home. Ann Pisetzner and her team are spectacular professionals whose contribution is worth its weight in gold. We look forward to having an excuse to work with them again!

- Ian Warburg

   I can't imagine building a house without the expertise, guidance, and ease that Soundview Construction Advisors provided. They told us when quotes were too high, pointed us in the right direction with suppliers and contractors, and ended up saving us significant amounts of money. We finished our house a month early, and came in under budget. They made the entire process stress-free and enjoyable, and were a delight to work with. Frankly, having heard nothing but negative stories from others who have built a house, I could not recommend anyone build in the Fairfield County area without them.

- Jane Green

   Having experienced delays and cost overruns on previous construction projects, I was skeptical that hiring an Owner's Representative would help. But looking back on the successful completion of my latest project, a luxury residence, I am very pleased with my decision to work with Soundview Construction Advisors. Ann and Marc made the cumbersome process of hiring and overseeing contractors simple and transparent. By working alongside the construction manager to track the project schedule and budget, they improved project communication and streamlined the process of decision making. Their expert counsel guided me on the myriad choices an owner needs to make to progress the work and their good-natured professionalism helped to set just the right tone for our team. As a result the building process was actually pleasant and I am confident that I saved time and money. I highly recommend Soundview to anyone undertaking a residential construction project.

- Aldo Pascarella